Skateboarding Fruits And Vegetables – ‘Skitchen’ by Benoit Jammes

Ever wondered what’s going on in the kitchen and what are your fruits and vegetables up to, when you leave or you’re looking in the other direction? Benoit Jammes, a persian artist and photographer invites us to explore the secret sporting life of some of the foods we eat, in this creative and hilarious photo series, called ‘Skitchen’. He attaches small skateboard wheels to fruits and vegetables and sets them loose in the kitchen, where they’re up against a great number of household item obstacles and perform all kind of cool, delicious tricks and tricks around them.

Every fruit and vegetable featured, seem to have its own personality in this imagined skatepark. The tricks they perform are of different difficulty. The bell pepper appears to be the most daring one, doing a grind on the top of the oven door. The tomato seems to have a bad day, he makes a splat after a missed jump from a ramp made out of toast. Other fruit and vegetables from these skateboarding scenes include: a sliding banana, a pear in mid air, an onion grinding on spaghetti, an egg riding on a pot with boiling water and also a sweet corn just chilling on it’s skateboard.












After you see these skateboarding fruits and vegetables, you’ll never look at them in the same way again. Also make sure you check out some other creative and fun photography projects on Benoit Jammes’ website.

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