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Tips on how to make mason jar salad


Are you looking for tasty, portable lunch ideas? Mason jar salads are the way to go for healthy lunches. Instead of buying a ready made salad from the grocery store, why not make your own and pack all the ingredients you choose. All you need is a jar, some basic ingredients and a salad dressing. It’s also an easy way to transport a delicious vegetable rich meal. Once you get some experience, you’ll never want to leave home without it.

The size of the jar is up to you. You choose it depending on how much you want to eat. But make sure that the mouth is wide, which makes it easier to fill up and dump out your salad. Also it’s preferred to use a glass jar and not a plastic container, because it will keep your ingredients fresh for a longer period, and last last for days stored in the fridge.

The secret to the perfect mason jar salad is the order you put the ingredients in. Always remember, dry on top and wet on the bottom. This will ensure that your ingredients never get wet or soggy, and the salad never gets underdressed. There is no rule with the amount of ingredients, but choosing a smart combo of your favorite ingredients is essential. You want to add all kinds of textures and flavors.

Guide to layering a mason jar salad

  • The first layer will always be the dressing. This can be homemade or a bottle one, depending on you preference.
  • Next you add the vegetables that will act like a shield between the dressing and the lettuce or other ingredients that should stay dry.
  • Then you add the beans, grains or pasta. Get creative with it.
  • The next layer will hold the cheese, eggs and meat.
  • In the last layer you will want to put your leafy greens, seeds or nuts. You don’t want to expose these to the dressing to soon.

After filling the mason jar and closing it tight you will have a tasty layered salad ready to go. You can prepare this fast and easy on a weekend afternoon, store it in the fridge and have a healthy ‘to go’ lunch for every day of the week. Just shake it up a little, empty the content into a salad bowl or a plate and enjoy your meal.

Watch this video on 4 mason jar salad recipes

There are probably hundreds of mason jar salad ideas and recipes floating around the internet, but we selected a few for start:

Chickpea, Farro and Greens Salad
Cajun Shrimp Jar
Rainbow Protein-Packed Salad
Chicken And Spinach Salad Jars

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The beginner’s guide on how to build a healthy salad

Making one simple change in your eating habits by adding a salad almost every day, will pay off with a lot of health benefits. Also, if you’re planning to lose some weight, a salad is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy a couple hundred calories (as much as a large slice of bread).

Most people love eating salad, they are fresh, crunchy and fun to eat.

Here are some basic steps for making a perfect salad.

Pick a green base
Start with a strong foundation of salad greens. If you want to go beyond the iceberg and lettuce and experiment a little, try new delicious greens in your salads. Spinach, aragula, romaine, kale, chard… there are plenty of green leaves to choose from. Selecting the tops and outer leaves can guarantee a more nutritious base for your salad.

Choose your vegetables
Include as many colors of the rainbow in order to receive a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Pack on the protein
Protein sources such as chicken, beans and tofu will make your salad a little healthier and ensure that you stay satisfied longer.

Add healthy extras
Toppings such as nuts, seeds, grains, herbs or fruit add extra texture, flavor and nutritional value to your salad.

Dress it up
Extra virgin olive oil and vinegar are healthier alternatives to creamy dressings. Add a hint of sea salt, black pepper or a squeeze of lemon for a boost of flavor.

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