Collapsible Salad Spinners

Collapsible Salad Spinners cover
Traditional salad spinners tend to be bulky and not very easy to store, especially for people low on storage space in their home. This salad spinners have a revolutionary new design, which expand for use then collapse to half of its size for storage. The container bowl can be used for washing and serving and the innser spinning basket doubles as a colander for rinsing just about anything form fruits and vegetables.

Emsa Germany Turboline Folding Salad Spinner

Prepare your salad turbofast in the new TURBOLINE collapsible salad spinner. The 50 percent higher rotational speed makes this possible.Size: 158.37 fl. oz. (4.5 L). With turbo button: 50% higher rotational speed. Ideal for firm lettuces such as iceberg, radicchio & co. Collapsible: 50 % space saving in the cabinet. With integrated spout in lid. Buy here

Progressive CSS-2 Green Collapsible Salad Spinner

This 3 quart salad spinner collapses to half its size for easy storage. Comfortable handle spins basket and folds for flat storage. Squeeze the sides of the basket for easy braking; non-skid base keeps salad spinner in place while in use. Dishwasher safe. Buy here

Progressive CSS-1 Collapsible 4-Quart Salad Spinner

Highly efficient spinner basket doubles as a colander for rinsing fruits and vegetables before spinning dry. Attractive outer bowl can be used to serve salad in after washing and spinning produce dry. The salad spinner features a self-retracting pull-cord for quick drying and a push button stop. Non-skid ring on base keeps salad spinner in place while using. Buy here

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