The beginner’s guide on how to build a healthy salad

The beginner’s guide on how to build a healthy salad cover
Making one simple change in your eating habits by adding a salad almost every day, will pay off with a lot of health benefits. Also, if you’re planning to lose some weight, a salad is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy a couple hundred calories (as much as a large slice of bread). Most people love eating salad, they are fresh, crunchy and fun to eat.

Here are some basic steps for making a perfect salad

Pick a green base

Start with a strong foundation of salad greens. If you want to go beyond the iceberg and lettuce and experiment a little, try new delicious greens in your salads. Spinach, aragula, romaine, kale, chard… there are plenty of green leaves to choose from. Selecting the tops and outer leaves can guarantee a more nutritious base for your salad.

Choose your vegetables

Include as many colors of the rainbow in order to receive a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Pack on the protein

Protein sources such as chicken, beans and tofu will make your salad a little healthier and ensure that you stay satisfied longer.

Add healthy extras

Toppings such as nuts, seeds, grains, herbs or fruit add extra texture, flavor and nutritional value to your salad.

Dress it up

Extra virgin olive oil and vinegar are healthier alternatives to creamy dressings. Add a hint of sea salt, black pepper or a squeeze of lemon for a boost of flavor.

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