Salad Tongs And Salad Servers

Salad Tongs And Salad Servers cover
Salad tongs are one of the best kitchen utensils ever invented. They are perfect tools for everyday use that save you the hassle of a messy grip when grabbing all sorts of things in the process of preparing and serving a salad. 

By having a simple design salad tong are easy to use by anyone, you don’t need an expertise to handle salads like a professional. Salad tongs are usually light and made of flexible materials. They come in different shapes and usually have a non stick surface on the tips. Salad tongs often are made of two pieces and can be locked and separated for one or two handed use. They are perfect as salad servers, tossers or for handling any ingredient needed for your salad.

Our recommendations for salad tongs

Chef’n Ergosphere Salad Tongs, Arugula and Meringue

The ergonomic handle on this salad tongs from Chef’n will have you use them day by day. With a easy twist, the handles lock and unlock the tongs. They are perfect for gripping and serving salads and toppings with the flexible, fan-shaped work end. It’s made of a flexible material and is top rack dishwasher safe. Buy here

Dreamfarm Clongs 12-Inch Click-Lock Sit Up Tongs

With a simple click of a button, Clongs salad tongs open or lock closed when you want them to, which makes them incredibly easy to use for salad serving or tossing. When you’re not using the tongs, because the unique bend on the handles, you can put them down anywhere without the tips touching anything. This makes sure that you have no mess to clean up and no germs are getting onto your tongs and food. Buy here

Bamboo Studio Collapsible Bamboo Salad Tongs

Eco friendly, easy to use, lightweight bamboo salad servers and salad tongs from Bamboo Studio. Its collapsible construction is space saving and makes it easy to store in small places. Bamboo is an emerging alternative to other types of wood and is now widely used for making all kind of household objects and kitchen utensils. Buy here

MSC Joie Kiwi Colored Salad Tong And Server

The Joie salad tongs and servers help you quickly toss a salad and serve it in style. It also can be used to serve appetizers, main courses, breads and rolls. This handy kitchen tool takes small space to store and because of it’s material is top rack dishwasher safe. Its made of a transparent kiwi colored green plastic. Buy here

Progressive 2 Piece Green Magnetic Salad Tongs

You can easily serve and make salads with this two piece magnetic salad tong. Made of green dishwasher safe plastic it has a simple easy to use construction and can be separated separate to toss salad. The magnet at the pivot point holds both pieces together. Buy here

See this video on how easy it is to use salad tongs:

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